Going the distance

From 3.30pm on Friday 6th May to 3.30pm on Saturday 7th May the WRC junior squad kept two ergs spinning for 24 hours to achieve an ambition they had first dreamed of six months earlier.

They rowed on the landing stages until nightfall, in the gym when it grew dark or rained, outside the gym when other members were boating, and finally back on the landing stage for the glorious finale.

Not only did they raise over £12,000 (50% for new equipment, 50% for Ukrainian refugee charities), they also covered an astonishing 600,000 metres, gave two live interviews to BBC Radio Berkshire and Oxford, had a two minute piece on BBC South Today, and welcomed Ukrainian Olympic rower Dmitro Mikhai to the club to launch proceedings and give a unique insight into the trauma that war brings to families and sport.

The juniors demonstrated an incredible camaraderie, taking it in turns to row and to support, encouraging each other across the four age groups, forming friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Even at 4 o’clock in the morning spirits were high – the sleeping bags they had brought went largely unused – fueled by pizza, Haribo and chocolate brownies. Huge credit must go to Director of Rowing Katie Greves for her inspiration, energy and drive to help the juniors achieve this epic task, and thanks to the many parents and coaches who supported. A truly outstanding event. 

Wallingford Rowing Club members staying active during 2021 lockdown

It is customary for people of all ages to make a New Year’s resolution to get fitter and/or shed the extra weight put on over the Christmas period after too many mince pies and chocolate, and Wallingford RC members are no different! However, with the lockdown imposed in early January 2021 meaning access to the rowing club facilities is not allowed, our members have been getting creative over the last few weeks…

Many people have been participating in Zoom erg sessions, led by rowing legends like Matt Pinsent and Greg Searle and rowing alongside rowers from all over the world, including national team members.